Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Magic of Winter in Highland Perthshire

We love our amazing Highland Perthshire environment all year round! Here, amongst the forests, lochs and mountains, the changing seasons are so visible.

This time of year though, as Christmas approaches, there are many special opportunities to take advantage of – let us share with you here five magical things to do in Winter!

1) Enjoy one of our superb WinterWatch Safaris where you can travel in comfort and safety in one of our 4X4’s to a sub arctic world, seeking out the arctic hare, the Golden Eagle and the elusive Red Deer. Marvel at the sparkling mountain vistas as you enjoy a reviving Dram in one of our cosy Mountain Bothies!

2) Visit Dewars World of Whisky nearby, one of the most popular Distilleries in the area, and a consistent winner of Best Visitor Attraction Awards!  Learn more about how the Water of Life is made!

3) The newly opened Grandtully Hotel in the hamlet of Grandtully just outside Aberfeldy is attracting acclaim, and is well worth a visit. Run by the team behind Ballintaggart Farm, it’s a showcase for locally sourced produce.

4) If you’re feeling energetic in the crisp air, or perhaps to walk off a big breakfast, why not walk the legendary Birks of Aberfeldy, immortalised by Robert Burns in one of his most famous poems!

5) And finally come and meet our Red Deer, Britain’s largest land mammal, and a truly beautiful creature to get up close and personal with. In our Red Deer Centre, you can feed, photograph and stroke them, learning more about their fascinating life cycle. Top it all off with a warming Hot Chocolate by our roaring peat fire! #cooriein

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

A Safari Into The Blooming Heather

Watching the hills turn from shades of green and brown to a rich, vivid purple is one of the great joys of the Highland summer. The heather blooms for a few weeks from July into August, and the wild hill landscape comes into its own.

Guests on our hilltop Safaris at this time of year have a unique experience. The hill hums from dawn to dusk with honey bees hard at work, making the most of their short season. We are very fortunate to be at the heart of Perthshire, one of Scotland’s premier areas for pure heather honey production. We have recently learned that most honeys such as Manuka are often a mixed bag of various plants, but that Heather Honey is pure, and we can certainly testify that its wonderful strength and aroma is the essence of the Scottish Moors.

These images, captured by our award winning Safari Ranger George McDonald, show the heather at its peak, and a rare find of white heather that a keeper or walker would traditionally stick in his cap for luck.

George and his fellow award-winning Safari Rangers are celebrated for their knowledge and comprehensive commentary on the seasonal wildlife and landscape features of the hills, as well as relating the history, heritage, geology and geography of the area. The spectacular views over Strathappin change weekly, and the precious weeks of blooming heather are an annual favourite among Rangers and guests.

Book a 5 star Land Rover Hilltop Safari with options for guided walks, photography and gourmet picnics - or give one as a Gift

Monday, 19 March 2018

Visit The Highland Safari This Year With MyHotelBreak

At myhotelbreak, we have decades of knowledge in giving our customers the perfect hotel experience. Whether that’s for a night away or for a city break, we have the experts on hand to give you the best possible advice and opportunities. With that said, a fantastic getaway is more memorable with must see attractions nearby.

One of the must see attractions is the Highland Safaris in the North of Scotland. The Highland Safaris is a five star, multi award winning visitor attraction and an exceptional destination. With 25 years of experience the safari tours access the natural beauty of Scotland on private land reaching heights of nearly 3000 feet in the company of knowledgeable kilted Safari Rangers. Marvel at the scenery in a land steeped in history exploring one of Europe’s last wildernesses.

The Highland Safari offers individuals, families and groups a unique and authentic experience adding a taste of the wilderness on these small personalised Safaris. As winners of the ‘Best Visitor Experience’ in Scotland Highland Safaris combines the new Red Deer Centre with the exhilarating land rover safaris, inspiring walking and biking activities and Perthshire’s only Gold and Gem Panning Centre.

We encourage you discover the Highlands of Perthshire  through an invigorating walk where you can discover what the area is all about and the natural beauty in which it beholds. Learn about geology and the history of the area and no doubt you’ll discover some of the Red Deer in the wilderness as well.

Relax and enjoy the Highland Safaris Café and Shop set in a unique and stunning location. In 2017, they launched Loch Tay Safaris - taking their expertise on to the beautiful waters of Loch Tay, Perthshire’s largest most beautiful and mystical loch. Highland Safaris is open all year round.

Whether you’re staying at The Moness Resort or elsewhere in the area make sure you take a day at the Highland Safaris for an unbelievable experience for all the family.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale

January has given us everything we love about a Highland Winter. For 2 weeks the Dawn chorus was framed by crystal clear skies and the rolling Perthshire Mountains were standing proud in all their snow laden beauty.

In these conditions our Safaris are exceptional.

Our Kilted Safari Rangers are all highly trained to cope with the winter conditions and teamed up with a Land rover they can traverse the mountainous terrain so you can see for yourself the magic that winter brings to the wild lands surrounding Highland Safaris. Of course the adventure would not be complete without relaxing in one of our Mountain Bothies. Stepping into these havens of warmth and comfort, you will be transported to another time where people lived in the most remote reaches of Scotland. Our Rangers will regale you with tales of the area whilst you enjoy a warm cup of tea, a slice of shortbread and a wee dram of local Dewars Whisky, the perfect winter warmer!

Of course, you don't have to travel in a Landrover to see the delights of Highland Perthsire. Highland Safaris is nestled within the heart of this glorious land and we are always delighted to welcome visitors into our cafe and shop. Venture out to the Red Deer Centre and feed our herd of majestic Red Deer, walk round the discovery trail to take in the views or simply nestle next to our peat fire and indulge in our home baked cakes.

For all the information you need you can visit our website - www.highlandsafaris.net or get in contact by sending an email to info@highlandsafaris.net or calling 0187 820071.